The Wisconsin Council for Affordable and Rural Housing (WI-CARH) was established in 1999 as a state chapter of the Council for Affordable and Rural Housing, a national not for profit organization dedicated to the advocacy of rural and affordable housing throughout the United States of America.

Welcome to Wisconsin CARH - Celebrating 25 Years!

2024 Lease Available to Order

Each year, WI-CARH generates a Residential Lease and Amendment for use in all Rural Development financed housing in Wisconsin. These documents are reviewed and revised each year by WI-CARH's attorney, who updates the lease to incorporate any changes or revisions made to Wisconsin law, as well as, Rural Development regulations. The documents are then reviewed and approved by Rural Development, so landlords using them will be in compliance with Rural Development requirements.

There are three options with the lease:

  1. FHA Software Generated Lease - WI-CARH has teamed up with Simply Computer Software to give FHA Software users the access and ability to generate their WI-CARH Residential Lease and Amendments forms within their FHA Software program. Users of this program can generate the lease through the RD 3560-8 Tenate Certification – PRINT options window. All of the applicable project, unit, and tenant information will automatically be inserted.
  2. Stand-alone WI-CARH Lease Generation Program – A link will be sent to you from Simply Computer Software that will allow you to download and install the WI-CARH Lease Generation Program which includes pre-entered property listing information you provided. To produce a lease, just open the program, select the property, enter pertinent tenant information and print.
  3. Paper Lease – A package of 10 leases and 10 amendments will be shipped to you which you will use to hand write all pertinent tenant information on.

Both the FHA Software Generated Lease and the Stand-alone WI-CARH Lease Generation Program must still be purchased through the WI-CARH office and then authorization will be given to Simply Computer who will give you the needed tools to access the software program. To find out more about Simply Computer and their FHA Software program, click here

To order the lease documents, click here to download the current order form.